1. Full assessment interview to determine your individual needs

2. Personalized 30 day Nutritional Guidance Plan, which includes:

-30 day food intake breakdown

-Weekly telephone check-ins

-Adjustments to plan as needed

-Vitamin and supplementation information

-Travel nutritional plans (if needed), to know where to eat when traveling

-Monthly articles and reading selections to enhance nutritional awareness


1. Full assessment interview to determine your individual needs

2. Personalized 30 day physical training program, which includes:

-Weekly physical training regimen broken down by the exercises, 

repetition ranges, number of sets and tempo for each exercise

-Depending on your individual plan, you will receive 3 days, 5 days, 

or 6 days of a training breakdown per week

-Cardio training plan, along with stretching, and massage recommendations

-Weekly telephone check-ins

-Adjustments to plan as needed

-Monthly articles and reading selections to enhance training awareness

Family & Friends 50% OFF Rate:

$75/month for one program


$99/month for both

Order yours below: 

1 : 1 Private Personal Training

Call for rates for out of area travel.

1 hour of 1 : 1 Private Personal Training
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