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Your Teen is going to LOVE this Girl Talk Series! We will cover all these topics and more in a fun and engaging way. They will have an opportunity to explore how they feel about these topics and get a new empowering perspective on each!  Led by founder of Circle of Life Coaching and Master Life Coach, Adalys Tracy, your teen will be in good hands in this small group where they will be and feel safe.  

1st: Register your teen for the Girl Talk for Teen Series 1  AND complete the INTAKE FORM below. Make sure she will be able to participate in all 3 sessions dates ranging between 2 to 3 hours each.

2nd:  Your teen will meet for an individual assessment with Coach Adalys to ensure she is coachable on these topics and to share any specific goals she would like to accomplish by participating. If during this meeting it is discovered she will not benefit from the series,  you will receive a full refund immediately. Coach Adalys will also meet with one or both parents, at no additional cost,  to share any specific concerns or needs. This meeting may take between 1-2 hours, so please plan accordingly. 

Lastly: Please drop off your teen between 15 minutes prior to the sessions scheduled start time. All sessions begin on time, and for the benefit of the teens, there will be no tardies permitted. Interruptions can distract a teen from a breakthrough, and none of us want that! 

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$90 for one Individual Assessment (1-2 hours) Please make your appointment at: 305-330-5200 or text: 305-764-1489.

$120 for 3 small group sessions, each between 2-3 hours for a total of 8 hours. 


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Please complete the following information. It includes your Demographics, an Informed Consent, our Confidentiality Agreement and Financial Responsibility. See you soon. 

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Life Coaching is an educational program. It is not intended as therapy or treatment, or to replace therapy or treatment. It will not treat issues related to substance abuse, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, nor any mental health disorder. At times, some highly charged emotional experiences may occur. Coaching may elicit responses such as anger, sadness, desire, pleasure, joy, love, pain, and fear. These experiences are part of the coaching because the goal is to expand options for understanding, fulfillment and empowerment, as well as enhance the capacity for empathy and joy. It is always the option of each individual to participate in any of the coaching exercises offered, or to choose not to participate. I agree to hold Circle of Life Coaching, its officers, representatives, and subcontractors harmless against any claims related to my experience. I understand that the coach may audio or videotape class lectures or workshops, which may be reviewed for quality and/or research purposes. Such audio or video will not identify participants in any way.
I understand that coaching is a private and personal experience for each participant. As such, I agree to respect the confidentiality of all participants and their remarks and actions, and I agree to keep all such information private and confidential. I also understand that all written materials are protected by copyright, and cannot be reproduced, copied, stored electronically or otherwise duplicated or distributed without the expressed written consent of Circle of Life Coaching. I agree not to violate this copyright.
Client or Legal Guardian agrees to make payment PRIOR to each session. Client understands if it is necessary to cancel an appointment, it is the responsibility of the client to notify Circle of Life Group 24 hours in advance, otherwise, a $45 fee will be charged. Once we have scheduled an appointment, please arrive on time. If you are late for a scheduled appointment without proper notice, you may be charged for that time.
By signing below I declare that all of my responses are accurate and true to the best of my knowledge; and that I have read and understand the Informed Consent, Confidentiality Agreement and Financial Responsibility/Cancellation Policy and agree to abide by the terms of each.
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